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Karuna Hart

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The Back story... 
I started my personal journey of empowerment with my love of Massage.  After studying at several different schools I quickly found my way from traditional techniques to more transcendental. I felt right at home engaging with all the chackras as I added Tantra to my personal yoga practice and started teaching it to others.  My understanding of the importance of healthy sexual relationships and the need for support grew as I continues expanding my education at IASHS in San Francisco.  Most recently I have developed an expanded and holistic approach to intimacy both studying and consciously embodying the wisdom of the Hendricks Institute.  My life, my self love, my engagement with the world is filled with  pleasure, ease, love and connection.    Creating relationships free of blame and criticism and instead filled with appreciation, pleasure and creativity is my passion and my gift to you, my fellow humans, my allies. 
~ We are all one. ~
Certified Massage Therapist - Cypress Institute, Esalen Institute, Midline Massage school   2007-2008
Ecstatic Awareness Institute  ~ Tantric Dakini Mentorship - 2008
Certified Sexological Bodyworker ~ Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, San Francisco, Ca.  - 2011
Advanced Certified Tantric Educator  - Source School of  Tantra Yoga 2016 - 2017
Big Leap Certified Life Coach, Leadership and Transformation program ~ The Hendricks Institute 2017 - 2019
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