Your Inner

~ Karuna Hart ~


Relationship and Intimacy Coach

Advanced Certified Tantric Educator 

Certified Sexological Bodyworker

Certified Massage Therapist


Karuna Hart

Karuna ~  typically translates as “compassion” in English and is a concept used in the spiritual paths of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. The word comes from the Sanskrit kara, meaning “to do” or “to make,” indicating an action-based form of compassion, rather than the pity or sadness associated with the English word. Karuna is the doing of something to transform suffering.

Allow me be your guide on a luxurious journey home to the blissful state of inner peace and pure pleasure.   I believe Peace, Compassion and Joy is our birthright and the path of human evolution.  Our bodies are designed for pleasure.  When we are integrated with our whole brain and whole body, we are more able to access these qualities and connect to the world around us with compassion, integrity and love. 

Inspired by many great masters  of  Buddhism, Tantra and the Tao; as well as modern neuroscience and  western psychology;  My passion  is  the many paths of awakening conscious embodiment and expanding our capacity for  LOVE!


 Experience new ways to relax and connect more consciously or simply deepen your current practices. Expanding into pleasure, allow me to guide you through a luxurious journey of awakening. 


Cultivate new pathways to pleasure and intimacy.  Discover how to expand and deepen your connection yourself and others.  Learn to communicate your desires,  and release shame. 


Partnership is an amazing opportunity to align energies and create harmony,  bliss and growth for each other and the world around you.   Through conscious connections; joy, compassion and love can blossom and flourish.

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